We buy and grow software businesses

Southport Ventures buys profitable, mission-critical software businesses and accelerates their growth. We focus on B2B SaaS and GovTech.

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Track Record

We've grown our first acquisition 50% over the first year of ownership while continuing to run it at over 50% net profit margin. We particularly like businesses with a track record of balancing growth and profitability.

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How We're Different

We know how to build great software. Years of product and engineering experience make us much more than just financial acquirers.

Our Criteria

The rough bounds of what we look for. Feel free to reach out even if your business doesn't fit these criteria. We love building relationships with owners who might be looking to sell down the road.

Track Record & Growth

Three or more years of operational history and steady growth of at least 10% per year.

Revenue & Profitability

Profitable businesses with $500K to $5M in annual recurring revenue.

Product & Churn

Customers love your product and your revenue churn is below 10% per month.

Why Sell To Us?

We’ll take care of your customers and employees, invest in growing the business, and provide an outstanding outcome for you.

We're not a massive private equity firm with a drawn-out process that will waste months of your time. We'll be clear in our communication, quick in our due diligence, and our partners will work closely with you to determine whether a sale makes sense.

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