We invest in and grow software businesses

Southport Ventures invests in mission-critical, B2B software businesses and accelerates their growth.

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Track Record

We've grown our first investment 50% over the first year of ownership while continuing to run it at high profit margins.

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How We're Different

We know how to build great software. Years of product and engineering experience make us much more than just funding partners.

Our Criteria

Track Record & Growth

Three or more years of operational history and solid growth.

Revenue & Profitability

Businesses with $1M to $5M in ARR with high gross margin potential.

Product & Churn

Customers love the product and revenue churn less than 20%/year.

Why Partner With Us?

We’ll roll up our sleeves and help you invest in your product, evolve your org, and grow the business.

We're not a bloated firm with a drawn-out process that will waste months of your time. We'll be clear in our communication, quick in our due diligence, and fair in our terms.

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