About Us

We're software professionals with a passion for operational excellence.

We have over 25 years of combined industry experience in SaaS, business process automation, and eCommerce. We're skilled in knowing which levers to pull to drive growth. We're uniquely positioned to recognize and navigate any challenges in an acquired company. We are both private investors and allocating our own capital to Southport Ventures.


combined years of product & software experience


partners with skills ranging from customer research to UX to full stack software development



Trevor is an experienced software engineer, project manager, and real-estate investor. He has overseen full-stack teams in clean energy, insurance, finance, and media. Notable engagements include Morgan Stanley, HBO, Bloomberg, Honest Buildings (now Procore), RunEnergy, Black Bear Energy, and PRco USA. He has an MBA from London Business School and an MBA from Columbia Business School.



Nicholas is an experienced product manager & UX designer. He was the fifth employee and first designer at a consumer marketplace startup (acquired by an S&P 500 company in 2019). He wore many hats (Senior Product Designer, Director of UX, Product Manager, Senior Product Manager) and helped grow the business from a few thousand in transactions to billions in transactions and tens of millions in revenue.

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